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Classic Mullion
Base Price:  $95.00 

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Product Description  & Specs

The Classic Mullion - An ageless mullion design made with 4, 6, or 8 panes of clear or art glass.  Windows up to 16" tall will have 4 panes, up to 32" tall will have 6 panes, and above 32" tall will have 8 panes.  Choose your favorite art glass for the background from the choices below.

The Classic Mullion design is pictured above with Lead Cames and Clear Baroque GlassTM.  

Baroque glass is a registered trademark of The Spectrum Glass Company.

  • Maximum size:     20" wide x 45" Tall
  • Aprox. 1/4" thick (Metal Came Border)
  • Leaded glass windows are sealed with a specially made glazing putty which keeps glass from rattling and strengthens window.
  • Glass is thoroughly inspected for quality and the sharp edges are sanded smooth.  
  • Leaded Glass orders come complete with silicone sealant and clear plastic clips and screws to make installation easy.

We strive to provide the highest quality products and service.  Your glass will arrive CLEAN and with NO SHARP EDGES.  It is ready to be installed into your cabinet doors.   


Metal Came Options

 There are 4 different options in metal cames:

Antique Brass is a dark aged brass

Brass is gold colored bright polished

Zinc is similar to a brushed nickel finish

Lead is a dull pewter color 












Actual colors may vary slightly from photo.


Background & Border Glass

The glasses pictured below are the available options for customizing your leaded glass window.  Choose any of the following art glasses or plain clear glass (Un-textured) for your window.  There is no additional charge for changing the glass. 

Champagne GNA

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Clear Baroque

+ enlarge
Clear Glass

+ enlarge
Clear GNA

+ enlarge
Clear Granite

+ enlarge
Clear Hammered

+ enlarge
Clear Ice

+ enlarge
Clear Waterglass

+ enlarge
Crystal Clear

+ enlarge
Crystal Seedy

+ enlarge

+ enlarge

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DS Ground

+ enlarge
English Reeded

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+ enlarge
Grey Baroque

+ enlarge
Grey DS

+ enlarge
Light Amber Crepe

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Light Purp. Waterglass

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Med. Purple Waterglass

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Shipping and Handling 

We charge a flat rate of $35.00 for shipping and handling anywhere in the continental United States.

This covers your shipping and handling cost for up to 5 items shipped via UPS ground service.   For each additional item after the initial 5,  you must add $ 5.00 per item.

All packages are insured in the event of any damage during shipping.

We use a 3 stage shipping and inspection process to insure that your new glass arrives in perfect condition.

  • Before orders are packaged for shipping they are thoroughly cleaned and inspected to insure there are no scratches or imperfections.
  • Once the glass is inspected, it is pre-wrapped with foam sheeting and either wood panels or hard cardboard to protect the outer surfaces.
  • The glass is then submerged in a box of injected foam which expands around the glass and locks it in place and protects it during shipping.

We have achieved a 98% success rate with our shipping method over the past 10 years.


Installation Instructions








1.  Carefully remove leaded glass window from package and place it on a flat protected table with the front side facing up.

2.  Take your cabinet door and fit it over the leaded glass window to make sure it fits properly.

3.  After fitting the glass into door, place door front side down on a protected flat surface.

4.   Squeeze a thin bead of silicone around the door on the ledge where the window will fit.  Once you have a bead of silicone all around the back of the door,  place the door over the window just as you did in the photos above.  


5.  Flip the door and window so the front of the door is facing down.  The best way to do this is to slide the door and window so about half is hanging over the edge of the table.  (See photo below)   Now tilt the door and window and firmly hold both.   Flip it so back of door is now facing up and you can install the mounting clips.

Tilt  Window

 6.  Determine placement of mounting clips on door.  We recommend 6 clips for doors up to 30" tall, and  8 clips for doors up to 40" tall.  One clip on the top and bottom, and either 2 or 3 on each side of door.

7.  Drill a 1/16" pilot hole for each clip screw. (Drill bit not included)  Make sure the hole is at least 3/16" from the edge to prevent any splitting of the door.

drill1a_483 drill2a_403 drill3a_445

 TIP:  To insure you do not drill too deep, wrap some masking tape around the drill bit so it only drills to 1/4" depth. 

 8.  Install the glass clips. Trim the clip with a pair of wire cutters if needed.  Be careful not to over tighten as clip may crack.   We recommend you let the silicone dry for 2-3 hours before you hang the door on the cabinet. 

Clip door 

If any silicone has oozed out on the front side, wait until it is completely dry (2-3 hours) and very carefully trim off with a razor blade. 

All that is left now is to hang the door back up on the cabinet and enjoy.




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Classic Grille
Classic Grille
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