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Wholesale Cabinet Glass

Leaded Glass Window Product Info


Leaded glass will add an elegant look to any kitchen. Our handcrafted pieces help transform an everyday kitchen into a beautiful work of art. Our skilled artisans use age old techniques to produce the highest quality leaded products on the market today.

Below are a few facts and tips about our leaded glass products.


  • The art glass used in the leaded panels is much like wood grain; each is unique and may have character markings such as seeds and striations.
  • All of our leaded glass products are of the highest quality. Windows are soldiered on both sides and cemented with a special glazing putty for strength.
  • Leaded glass windows are NOT tempered.
  • You can customize your Leaded Glass Window by choosing what types of art glass and metal came colors you would like it to be made with.


  • The back of the cabinet door must have a rectangular cut. Front of the door CAN have an arch or cathedral, but the back must be straight for all glass products.
  • Design your own custom leaded glass panels.
    • Choose any glass from the photos to use in the background of leaded panels.
      • DS Ground Glass is not available for any leaded panels.
    • Beveled glass in leaded glass panels will be clear glass bevels UNLESS OTHERWISE SPECIFIED
    • Choose either Lead, Brass, Antique Brass or Zinc Cames.
  • MEASURE TWICE AND ORDER ONCE! Take measurement and deduct 1/8" from both length and width.
    • Glass products are always ordered WIDTH X HIEGHT.
  • Installation instructions for these products can be found in the Measuring and Installation tab.


  • Please look over the installation instructions included with every order. The correct installation technique is explained as well as proper care of your glass products.