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Wholesale Cabinet Glass

Clear Glass & Art Glass Product Info

Enhance the look of any kitchen with the use of a textured art glass or clear glass panel.  Art glass will make any cabinet look beautiful and elegant.

Below are a few facts and tips about our single pane glass products.


  • Art glass is much like wood grain; each is unique and will have character markings such as seeds and striations.  These markings are found in all art glass to some degree.  These are hand made sheets and each piece is unique.

  • These art glass products are imported from all over the world. France, China, Africa and Russia to name a few.
  • Thickness of our art glass ranges from 1/8" to 1/4" thick.
  • None of our art glass is tempered, but we can manufacture art glass into laminated safety glass which is just as strong and safe.
  • All of our glass will arrive clean and inspected with all 4 edges sanded and the corners rounded for your safety.
  • We include clear plastic clips and screws with all glass orders at no additional charge to you!


  • The back of cabinet door must have a rectangular cut. Front of the door CAN have an arch or cathedral, but the back must be straight for all glass products.
  • All textures will run vertically.
  • MEASURE TWICE AND ORDER ONCE! Take measurement and deduct 1/8" from both length and width.
    • Glass products are always ordered WIDTH X HIEGHT.
  • Installation instructions for these products can be found in the Measuring and Installation tab.


  • Please look over the installation instructions included with every order. The correct installation is explained as well as proper care of your glass products.